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Static Camera Range

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High Intensity Super IR LEDs.

The IRB2P5-50VHQ is a true day/night, cable-managed IR camera that utilises Sony’s SUPER-HAD chipset. Providing a true-IR range of 80 meters, the varifocal lens can be fully utilised without fear of the illumination becoming dull when zoomed into 50mm and looking some 80 meters into the distance. The 3-pod concept separates the IR LEDs from the camera housing. Therefore, if environmental debris like rain droplets or dust collects on the front of the camera, the IR won’t reflect back into the camera iris as seen on most other infra-red cameras. This ensures that the night-time image is not spoiled by rain droplets or other environmental debris.The dual-pods contain a combined total of 42 IR LEDs and 18 high intensity super IR LEDs.

The IR25P-50VHQ utilises DNR technology – the inclusion of this technology ensures the IR25P-50VHQ can view in very low light conditions without the need to rely on the infra-red until in complete darkness, resulting in the benefit of providing a bright colour image during daylight and even dusk conditions. The DNR continues to work after the IR LEDs are activated rendering a bright and crisp night-time image even in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Key Features:

  • 560 TVL
  • 1/3" Sony SUPER-HAD chipset
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • 50-80m IR Range
  • DNR Light enhancement technology
  • Weatherproof IP65

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