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Cabled Transmission

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Video-Data Transmission Over a Single Coax Cable

The B-VCD0001A is a one channel, one cable coaxial video transmission system – is composed of a B-VTD0001A (Transmitter) and a B-VRD0001A (Receiver). From the receiver to the transmitter, it transmits the bi-directional data (RS-485) as well as the video signals over one coaxial cable. From the transmitter to the receiver, it transmits video, data and alarm signals through one coaxial cable over long distances. Because you don’t need to install an extra cable for data signals you can save both time and money.

Key Features:

  • "Video & Data" transmission over 1 coaxial cable (One cable Solution)
  • Bi-directional data communication(Half Duplex, T. Block)
  • Bi-directional Input and Output of alarm signals via separated alarm In/Out port
  • Long distance transmission up to 700m over RG-59, up to 1.8km over RG-11
  • Infrastructure cost saving
  • Maintaining high quality video & interference immunity
  • Easy installation with BNC harness
  • Surge & lighting protection function
  • DC12V power input
  • Board rate 9600 4800 2400