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Cabled Transmission

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UTP Active Video Signal Receiver

The B-UR1618A is an active video signal receiver via UTP cable with 16 channels. It receives video signals from 16 CCTV cameras through UTP cable transmitting them to the DVR. It is suitable if you use UTP cables together with coaxial cables or when you need to transmit video signals over long distances. Using this device you don’t need to adjust the transmission distance as this is done automatically.

Key Features:

  • 16 CH active UTP receiver with excellent interference immunity
  • Transmitting video signals up to 500m via CAT.5 UTP with passive baluns and up to 900m with active transmitters
  • Automatic adjustment of transmission distance
  • No need to set the sync & burst adjustment (A. Level / F. Level)
  • Excellent interference immunity
  • Dual Output (1 IN/2 OUT)